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Tax Aspects of Legal Transactions
A client may have an ongoing relationship with a lawyer for corporate and commercial matters, or for other matters such as matrimonial issues.  For various purposes not related to tax and estate planning, such a lawyer may be called upon to undertake various transactions that can have tax ramifications. Examples would include an in house transfer of assets or shares, purchase or sale of a business, and transfer of assets to a spouse pursuant to a matrimonial property settlement.

Tax Traps
Because many new structures, structural changes, or transactions can have significant unwanted tax results, a lawyer may wish to consider having us review a proposed structure for any tax issues and possible planning solutions.

Cooperative Approach
Sometimes all that is required of us is provision of advice. However, if we are asked to develop and implement a tax plan, we will honor the existing professional relationship, and if the lawyer has the expertise and the desire to be involved, we will involve them in the implementation of the plan.

Joint Consultation
We are willing to meet jointly with a non tax lawyer and the client whenever the lawyer feels the need for a review of tax or estate planning issues in relation to contemplated transactions, especially where the client's accountant may not be comfortable dealing with the issues.

General Legal Experience
Our 5 years of experience in a general practice gave us exposure to many areas of law. We believe that this experience enables us to provide more effective support to lawyers and their clients in a wide variety of situations.

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