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Tax and Estate Planning

The following are some of the common areas of the tax and estate planning work we do:

Asset Protection
Business Succession
Capital Gains Deferral
Capital Gains Exemption Crystallization or Use
Capital Gain Splitting
Charitable Gifts
Choice of Form for a Business
Debt Forgiveness
Disassociation of Corporations
Divisive Reorganizations
Divorce and Matrimonial Property Tax Planning
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Employee Buy-In
Employee Incentive Plans
Estate Freezing
Farm and Ranch Succession
Family Trusts

Inbound Business
Inbound Gifts
Inbound Investment
Income Splitting
Interest Deductibility
Loss Utilization
Offshore Business
Outbound Gifts
Personal Directives
Post Mortem Estate Planning
Principal Residence Exemption
Purchase of a Business
Retirement Planning
RRSP Qualified Investments in Small Business
Sale of a Business
Tax Deferred Transfers
Tax Effective Business Financing
Trust Deemed Disposition Planning
Will Planning

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